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Nigel Green deVere Group CEO

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deVere Group CEO, Nigel Green, currently leads one of the world’s leading independent financial consultancies. Green was instrumental in catapulting deVere Group’s status from a small yet ambitious firm in its early years to the household name it has become today.

Under Green’s stewardship, deVere Group has helped to provide independent financial advice to expatriate clients and international investors around the globe since 2002. The company’s services include but are not restricted to financial consultancy on international savings, bonds, life insurance, pensions as well as structured products.

Nigel Green deVere has constantly reiterated that the deVere Group's commitment is to help clients create value and financial security by suggesting the right financial products that best suit their needs.

Moreover, Green has also insisted that the financial advisers working with deVere carry out their duties with the mentality that every client has different and specific financial targets. Thus, the advisers carefully consider and recommend to each client the options available to them.

Nigel Green intends to keep nurturing deVere’s strong global presence through an extensive expansion programme and continues to strive to be within easy reach for clients wherever they choose to be in the world.

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